An Educational Assistance Program (EAP): sends a group of disadvantaged children, grades K through12, to school while working with both parents and the students to help build an environment for learning success. In the Philippines, poor families can’t afford to pay for shoes, uniforms, and supplies required for their children to attend school. We provide shoes, uniforms, school supplies, and all academic necessities for the school year, asking beneficiary parents and students to sign a contract promising daily school attendance is first priority. This support costs about $40 per year per elementary student. Classes of advantaged students, their school, or their families may also partner with an EAP group and design their own philanthropic projects, like collecting school supplies, second hand reading books or textbooks, and toys, etc., continuing to support them for several years.

Individual Sponsorship: U.S. individuals or families can sponsor a student from the Philippines, Guatemala, or E. Timor, from grades K through college, and follow their student’s life and academic career, through a letter exchange. Donors agree to contribute a fixed amount of money each year (with a 2-4 year renewable contract) to support the student’s academics i.e. educational counseling and tutorials for students and their families, uniforms, shoes and school supplies, basic medical, and nutritional support, until the disadvantaged student is finished with his/her education. For elementary students, and most high school students, this costs about $1 per day. For college or trade school, tuition expenses vary, but average $1,000 per year. You may also sponsor a tribal school teacher for a year!

Tribal Empowerment: We have worked for many years with Igorot people in Mountain Province and recently with the Taga-kaulo tribe in Mindanao, to help them develop into self-sustaining and independent 21st century communities. In Mountain Province, in addition to encouraging college or trade school for the students, we also mentor them to learn their traditional crafts like woodwork and weaving from village artisans. Specifically in Mindanao, we’ve helped the tribal people establish two tribal schools (where no schools existed before), and a community nursery and farm for cash crop production and environmental preservation and restoration. In the near future, the income from the farm crops will allow them to continue to operate the two schools (pay teacher salaries) they’ve built in order to educate about 300 students and 150 adults; and also implement important projects enabling new progress for the tribe.

Empowering Girls and Young Women With AFP, we support the Centre for Abused Girls, a residential and therapeutic facility for abused girl wards of the court. We are collaborating to make this facility self sustaining, by providing training, farm animals and equipment, seeds, and plantings and initiate a sustainable farm program. In this protective and stable environment these traumatized girls are able to, for the first time, attend school regularly, learn life and entrepreneurial skills in their home community, and socialize with other girls. Agricultural training is also provided to local subsistence farmers to teach them modern methods that increase yield and protect the environment.

School and Corporate Partnerships: Schools and companies may encourage community service by their members and design their own educational projects- collecting books, clothing, supplies, etc. and even their own fundraisers in collaboration with FAI to help further the education of our benficiaries. Come design an educational or fundraising project with us!

Be a Friends’ Friend: to Friends of Alouette, International and organize an event or project to help us raise funds for a special EAP group, school or program. We encourage members of the local advantaged communities to create their own fundraising events and projects to directly help our beneficiaries.

Volunteer: to make a difference - We could use your skills (from bookkeeping to graphic and web design, to baking cakes, and planning events!) helping our board and other volunteers with projects and events. See the ways to help us.





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